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InfoUSA offers a full range of affordable sales and marketing solutions to help businesses acquire, manage, and retain customers. These solutions include mailing lists, sales leads, search engine marketing, email marketing, direct mail marketing, data enhancement, and online marketing.

A former customer claims, "InfoGroup is inaccurately advertising my business information via their Express update directory and refusing to remove the listing upon request. InfoGroup, Inc. is advertising my business with inaccurate information via its Express update directory. We have requested to have our information removed multiple times. Infogroup has responded with demands for more and more on our part, claiming that they can only accept the request for removal from the business owner, stating first that the owner's name in the body of the email served as a signature; afterword requiring an email sent from the owner's address; now claiming that "we require that you submit written request on business letterhead, signed by the owner." We never registered and are not interested in doing business with InfoGroup. They are creating progressively more complicated "requirements" for removal. They are continuing to list our information against our explicit and repeated requests to remove it."


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Staff Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Poor management. Much employee turnover. This was a long time ago though. Didn't work here long because of these issues."

Market Researcher (Former Employee) says

"I feel the managers did train well, but when it came to helping employee keep job within the company the did poor.good paynight hours"

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Advertising (Former Employee) says

"Tough place to work. Founder had some difficulty delegating authority to others. He is no longer there."

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"When I worked at infoUSA, I progressed very rapidly in my job and received awards based on my job performance. Then I noticed when I received my morning reviews that my performance rating had gone down. I knew this wasn't correct. I resigned my position. Years afterward I was told by someone who had worked in the Human Resources department that if an individual was exceeding a certain number of entries, they would intentionally bring your score down. This was because anything above the expected entries individuals were paid bonuses.Flexibility of hoursMessing with data entries to intentionally bring down salary"

Telecom Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Managed vendors for telcom installs, changes and billings. Negotiated vendor contracts. Managed telecom staff and corporate receptionists.busy busy busycompany was constantly downsizing"

Donnelly Marketing (Former Employee) says

"InfoUSA was a positive work environment. My colleagues were extremely friendly and collaborative. I felt a sense of comraderie. I enjoyed my tenure with this organization."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"This company is a great no cap earning potential position. However outbound calls are a must to grow a bank of customers."

Senior Project Analyst (Former Employee) says

"When I worked there your job was never secure. I was RIF'd after 20 years. Maybe it is better now. I don't really know what the culture is like now. Hopefully better.CompensationBenefits were always changing when I worked there"

Teleresearch Associate (Former Employee) says

"It was a good job calling businesses and updating their business information. Made many friends there who I still keep in contact with. The hardest part of the job was sitting for 6-8 hours a day. The best part of the job was the PTO (paid time off we accrued while working) and the bonuses for accuracy and quality.Paid Time offLogin percentage"

Client Services/Senior Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"InfoUsa was a great place to work for until managers did away with customer service and became money hungry. It was very disappointing. This company thrived on customer service and whoever chose to do away with this did not make a logical and realistic choice and ruined the company."

Sharon Tillery says

"Did not help a bit"

Carl Brown says

"I’ve been using Endoca CBD oil for several weeks. I’m up to 5 drops 3 times daily. I can detect no effect whatsoever either mentally or physically. Will use all I have but no reason to reorder. Using it to improve my Parkinson’s disease symptoms."

Center for Health Evo. says

"I am extremely disappointed, not only with the last product I ordered, but with your customer service. First of all, these capsules do not dissolve, they are not digestible and they pass whole through the intestinal tract. Ever since I tried this product I have been calling your company customer service line in San Diego and you NEVER answer. I have left messages and have never received a call back. I have recommended your company to many of my patients without adding them as referrals ... now I will have to return to Charlotte's Web."

Karan Uthaiah says

"Never received the product"

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